About Us


I am a proud Canadian and have been a miniatures gamer for over 20 years now. Over time I have gotten tired of paying the high shipping prices for MDF and plywood gaming supplies that we are stuck with as Canadians.  I wanted to create a Canadian supplier for wargame terrain for all my miniature gaming needs, focusing mainly on 28mm scale terrain but expanding into other scales at times.

While there are many great manufacturers out there that supply wooden bases for historical games, buildings, movement trays, and even acrylic tokens and templates, generally the price to ship them to Canada adds so much to the cost that I got frustrated, there must be a better way.

My goal is to supply Canadian gamers with items normally only available by ordering out of country, from within country at a low cost and with lower shipping than getting similar products from the USA or Europe.


I am new here but got involved with Byron to bring this project to mass production and to keep busy in my pending retirement.  While not a gamer, I have years of experience with various manufacturing processes.  My expertise and time is spent getting our shop up and running and cutting all of the products for sale.  I have been slowly learning about this amazing hobby and how wide spread it actually is!