Shipping Information

Shipping from Canada to the rest of the world is unfortunately not cheap.  Canada Post shipping fees start off high and then change very little as weight or size goes up.  The weight of our wargame terrain does not help the situation as 28mm terrain made from MDF tends to weigh a lot very quickly.

We have therefore setup default Flat rate shipping options to Canada and the USA, for packages up to 5kg. These are however high if you are looking to buy one or two small items, so please contact us directly if you are looking for some small items to ship out as we may be able to pack them smaller and therefor provide less expensive shipping.

If you are outside of North America shipping gets even more expensive and needs to be dealt with on a case by case basis.  While we are testing an automated shipping cost system, please be aware that it may not be accurate just yet and you should please contact us directly for a shipping quote.