Sector 73 - Infinity Terrain

Sector 73 has been designed to be a completely modular set of buildings and accessories for use with Infinity the game. The buildings can stack and be combined in numerous different ways to create a different environment to fight over every time you play.

The buildings can stack either on top of each other directly with the roofs on or off. This allows you to create different environments even if you do not have the alternate roof sections that allow you to build complex shapes. If you do have the alternate roof sections, then the buildings stack on the walls of the building below for a cleaner look.

Almost all walls are interchangeable* when constructing your buildings so you can shift walls and doors around as desired, and different style walls with balconies are available to further expand your options.

* NOTE: The two walls that form the inner area of the L shaped building are slightly longer and are not interchangeable with other walls during construction.

Important Notes that apply to all items on this page:
– Each item is sold as a kit of 1/8″ (3.2mm) MDF parts, and requires assembly and paint.
– All measurements shows are rough, and are width x depth x height.
– Windows and doors can be left in or removed on all buildings, as desired. All roof sections are removable for easy access.
– Any figures shown are for scale only and not included.
– Some images include additional buildings or small extra detail parts (AC units, brick walls, power panels, etc), they are shown only to demonstrate how these buildings can work with other parts of our line and are not included, each building is sold separately.

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Showing 1–16 of 32 results