PS050 – Full Size Paint Station


This is our full sized paint station and is roughly 23″ wide.  The paint station holds 54 GW paint pots on the lower 3 levels plus more items on the top level.

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This is our full sized paint station.  While we generally call it a 2 foot station, it is actually just under 2′ at roughly 23″ wide.  This is to ensure that it can be cut successfully from 2′ material without any clipping occurring.

The paint station holds 54 GW paint pots on the lower 3 levels, and some additional ones on the top section in the middle if you want.  The top section also has areas to hold 10 painting sticks (not included but fits standard 1 1/4″ dowel), a section for storing some brushes, and an area to hold a cup for water (sized for normal plastic banquet beer cups).

Due to the size of this item, shipping is problematic so please contact us for a shipping estimate outside of the cart.  This item is really meant for local delivery but can be shipped if you are willing to pay the shipping.

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