SC73-915 – Sector 73 Details set


This set will get you started with our Sector 73 accessories, so that you can add onto to our starter sets or many other manufacturers basic buildings.


To go along with our basic Infinity terrain, we have put together a package of add-ons and scatter terrain to really flesh out the table.

This add-on set works with our basic set (BI901) or our Sector 73 buildings as well as several other basic terrain sets out there by other manufactures, and really spices up your Infinity table.

The add on set is $150 CND (Normally $170 individually) and includes: 8 long ladders, 12 short ladders, 2 U-shapped stairs, 4 long walkways, 4 short walkways, 4 planters (trees not included), 2 garbage bins, a rooftop AC unit, 2 rooftop stair entries, 6 billboards (2 clip on versions, and 4 free standing), and a pedestrian shelter.

It is shown here added onto our basic Infinity terrain set (BI901) to show just how much it adds to the setup. Only the items listed above are included, no buildings are included in this set.  All items are sold flat packed and require assembly and painting.

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Weight 3 kg


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